Outreach & Broadening Participation in Computing

Epidemics are a global phenomenon; consequently, it is imperative to establish research, educational, and training programs that create global scientists. This program will support a comprehensive national and international education and mentoring program to train multidisciplinary scientists in computational epidemiology.



    We have assembled a team of scientists with well-established outreach records. We will build on our relationships to develop a holistic strategy to train students.

    Key initiatives:

    • Broadening Participation in Computing by leveraging ongoing diversity and outreach programs at our home institutions, including Computing for Global Challenges at UVA, Girls Who Code at VT, Gemstone at UMD, and the Summer Engineering Academy at Stanford.
    • Undergraduate Research Training with the creation of new modules in programs like Here & There at IU, the Stanford CURIS program, and the JROTC STEM Leadership program at VT.
    • Knowledge Transfer to Public Health Authorities in the use of novel computational technologies for disease detection and outbreak response. With our international partners, we offer unparalleled global connectivity.
    • The Center for Computational Research in Epidemiology (CoRE) will be established at UVA, providing transformative ways to support real-time epidemiology. CoRE will facilitate improved inter-agency and inter-government coordination and outbreak response, ensuring more effective interventions and healthcare services. International scientific networks linked to a comprehensive postdoctoral and graduate student training program will yield multidisciplinary public health scientists.
    • Experimental Systems and links to open-source software tools, data, and models will be accessible to researchers around the world. Research results will also be disseminated via workshops and tutorials at computer science and public health conferences. We will provide scientists and policy makers worldwide with unique datasets, policy case studies, simulation tools, MSML networks, and educational material.
    Outreach team image
    A successful Expedition will have significant social, economic, and health impacts, and aid in reducing the global burden due to infectious diseases.
    Global reach map