Publications, Presentations, Awards, and Policy Impact

Our team has been busy supporting the challenges of real-time epidemic science, originally pertaining to the pandemic but now so much more.

Publications and Preprints

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Chen J, Lewis B, and Venkatramanan S. 2022 UVA Provost's Office Award for Collaborative Excellence in Public Service. For their service to the University, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and federal authorities during the pandemic, which continues today. (2022)

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Levin SA. 14th Edition BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Ecology and Conservation Biology. For leading the development of the theoretical and mathematical basis for spatial ecology, making it possible to understand the mechanisms that maintain biodiversity by taking into account the complex interactions between individuals and the environment. And applying this theory to the design of nature preserves and more sustainable cities. (2021)

Mossel E. 2021 ACM Fellow. For contributions to theoretical computer science and inference. (2021)

Bernstein M. 2021 Patrick J. McGovern Tech for Humanity Changemaker. For contributions to reducing bias in technology by developing a jury-based approach to artificial intelligence and machine learning that considers diverse perspectives. (2021)

Vullikanti A. 2020 ACM Distinguished Members for Contributions that Propel the Digital Age. For Outstanding Scientific Contributions to Computing. (2020)

Policy Impact

Team members have played a key role in supporting local, state, and national public health policymakers. While the operational effort is funded by multiple agencies (including the CDC, DTRA, and VDH), the Expeditions project has focused largely on technology development. While we had planned for such participation as part of our project, COVID-19 provided us with an unprecedented opportunity. Multiple tools and web apps have been developed for COVID-19 surveillance. The UVA team continued to serve as the lead analytical group supporting the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, various local and state hospitals, including the University of Virginia School of Medicine and Virginia Commonwealth University, as well as the DoD and CDC. This work has resulted in over 92 slide decks and weekly briefs, numerous updates to stakeholders, over 1.3 million views to the main projection dashboard, and citations in over 360 local media reports. These analyses assist local health officials, school administrators, businesses, and individuals in risk assessment and various kinds of policy decisions. In particular,

  1. VDH: During the outbreak response phase, we generated knowledge in the form of forecasts of case counts that were communicated to VDH and other operational agencies through weekly briefings.
  2. CDC: The COVID Forecast Hub has had a central role in CDC’s messaging about the pandemic. The Expeditions team also developed the Scenario Modeling Hub, which was influential in CDC’s authorization of the initial vaccination use for children, as well as the early rollout of boosters (after Labor Day instead of mid-October). Team members also developed dashboards and decision-support tools as a collaboration between UVA and Stanford. Policy-shaping examples also include the decision to not establish field hospitals, the use of the work done by Jure Leskovec et al. on evaluating social interventions, and coverage of the work by Alison Galvani and her team on boosters 1, 2, 3.
  3. International policy: The team’s work was influential in increasing the rate of COVID-19 testing at the Tokyo Olympics by 10-fold over planned levels (up to 31,000 per day) as a direct result of the work by Ramanan Laxminarayan et al.. Policy-shaping examples also include international support of COVID-19 responses in Botswana and India, Rita Colwell’s work on Cholera risk in different countries, and the assessment of the health impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
  4. Key Insights: (a) durability of vaccine-mediated immunity by Townsend et al., (b) identification of the social interactions important for transmission by Leskovec et al., and (c) impact of COVID-19 vaccine boosters by Galvani et al. 1, 2, 3